”So now winter has come, the dark season now begun.
Days short, nights long, yet we sing no sad songs.

For gathered here have the young and old hearing tails of our Disir most bold.

We came together here for Blot where Frith and Kinship into memories were wrote.

We stood round fires howling at the moon and sung for our ancestors many a tune.

We honored mothers of our past and performed ritual for our woman folk so that our bloodlines may forever last.

We sweated, trained, exercised, and learned new skills watching growth right before our eyes.

We listened to how it all began and where we want it next to go, together we can make it so.

We raised horns with laughter, tears, pride, and joy.

We came together to give healing to one born with sickness at birth, for no life of our folk is without worth.

We witnessed oaths made to the Folk, to strengthen and grow our Volk.

All too soon it was time to go but this I now do know, the coming Winter won’t feel so alone or long as we sing another chapter of our Folk song.”

– Gray Will, Tru-Folk Kindred.

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