These days we are surrounded by a community of Asatruar. We have information available to us almost instantly and on demand. In the early days of our revival, this was not the case. It took years of research and thought to begin to rebuild, to lay the groundwork for what we have now. Guido von List was one of these early builders. 
Von List grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of Austria, and spent many days exploring the lands of his ancestors. Throughout the years he channeled his love for his heritage and home into his written works, promoting the return to native cultures and customs to his countrymen.
While recovering from a cataract surgery that had temporarily left him blind, List turned his thoughts to the secrets of the runes. Diving into these ancient symbols and the mysteries surrounding them led von List to develop the Armanen Futhark. The publication of these works drew many back to their ancestral faith, and added to the momentum of our revival. List spent the rest of his life promoting and educating. His work has inspired many others to seek the truths that lie within our lore, our history, and ourselves. As we continue to grow as individuals as well as a community, it’s time that we gave Guido von List the credit he deserves!

Hail Guido von List!!!

Submitted by Gythia student, Anna Funk

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