We close out this beautiful Yule tide with thoughts toward Wisdom. As we take stock of 2018 and get ready to conquer 2019, what have we learned? If you have had a glorious 2018, those glories come with lessons, learn from them and accelerate your victory in the coming year. If you had setbacks and failures in the past year, there are even MORE lessons to learn and opportunities to take those lessons into the new year. We all, victors and vanquished alike, have the opportunity, no, the DUTY to be better in 2019. May we learn and grow. May Wisdom be our guide as we set out upon our new year. I wish, with all my heart, for every member of our AFA family to WIN, in 2019 and forever, may you all have a year of love, of joy and of victory. Hail the Yule Father! Hail the Victory Father! Hail the God of Wisdom! HAIL ODIN!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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