I want to officially start off 2019 by announcing that we have paid off Óðinshof! Thank you to all of you who contributed to make this happen. From those who donated 3 years ago to those who got up over the top in the last few months and everyone who donated along the way, from the bottom of my heart…………THANK YOU!

Fundraising and planning for Hof #2 begins today…

There are a few other exciting developments to start the new year. First, as you may have noticed, we have renamed this publication “THE RUNESTONE”. The Runestone was the premier Asatru publication from the early days of the Asatru Free Assembly until the end of the last century. We are currently digitizing and archiving old editions of The Runestone to make available on the website. It is our hope to carry on the proud legacy of this seminal publication in our monthly news letter. To this end we will be adding more articles and publication to our issues, already bursting at the seems with activity reports.

Next, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous work Clifford Erickson has been up to for us. Please take a few minutes to checkout our new and improved website at www.runestone.org . This site is a work in progress and there are many things we would like to do with it in the coming year. This newly remodeled site is beautiful AND useful! Thank you Cliff for all your hard work.

Finally, starting this year, we have a new and exciting way for members to financially contribute to the AFA instead of the membership dues. Introducing the Hoftollar. The Hoftollar was a tax in pagan Iceland that supported the religious infrastructure. The AFA Hoftollar is percentage based giving. If all the members of the AFA paid 10% of their income to support our church, we would be able to purchase 5 Hofs, equivalent to Óðinshof, every single year. If every member paid just 1%, we would be able to purchase 1 Hof every other year. This will be a game changer in the coming year ans we bring more and more of our folk home. If you are interested in supporting us in this way, please contact your Folkbuilder and they will be happy to get you taken care of.

The Gods have blessed immensely in 2018, lets apply ourselves diligently to earn their blessings in 2019. We are starting the year with tremendous momentum, there are big things in store. I am so excited to see what all we can achieve together in 2019. Thank you all for for your support, your enthusiasm, and your hard work. Our AFA family is the very best there is.

Hail the Gods!
Hail the Folk!
Hail the AFA!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly
[email protected]

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