“Then said Gangleri: “Great in power do these Æsir seem to me; nor is it a marvel, that much authority attends you who are said to possess understanding of the gods, and know which one men should call on for what boon soever. Or are the gods yet more?” Hárr said: “Yet remains that one of the Æsir who is called Týr: he is most daring, and best in stoutness of heart, and he has much authority over victory in battle; it is good for men of valor to invoke him. It is a proverb, that he is Týr-valiant, who surpasses other men and does not waver. He is wise, so that it is also said, that he that is wisest is Týr-prudent. This is one token of his daring: when the Æsir enticed Fenris-Wolf to take upon him the fetter Gleipnir, the wolf did not believe them, that they would loose him, until they laid Týr’s hand into his mouth as a pledge. But when the Æsir would not loose him, then he bit off the hand at the place now called ‘the wolf’s joint;’ and Týr is one-handed, and is not called a reconciler of men.”
– Gylfagining

Týr is the God of Order.  We trust in Týr and look to him as the constant, the North Star, always firm, always true.  Týr has come to be THE exemplar of sacrifice for the Folk and the greater good.  Týr stands by his oaths and commands us to stand by our word.  Týr shows us that it is noble to sacrifice your own wants and needs for the good of your family, Folk, and Gods.  Týr shows us that there is a right and correct way to do things and we seek to live up to that uprightness. 

May we always stand with the forces of Order, over and against the forces of Chaos.  May our word match our deed.  May we always be Tru.

Hail Týr!