Hail from Volkswachstum AFA-South Africa

Havamal 41 –
“Friends shall gladden each other
with arms and garments,
As each for himself can see;
Gift-givers’ friendships
are longest found,
If fair their fates may be.”

As we entered some unknown dark times with the “pandemic” of the Covid-19, it caused many of us to start stressing about our own jobs, our own businesses that we started to look past the ones who already was jobless and homeless long before the Covid-19 even existed.

Volkswachstum took this time with the generous help from AFA to reach out to the elderly homeless people. This handful people live on the street, their only form of income to buy food and if they are lucky pay R20+ ($2) for a night at a shelter was to stand at local shopping centres and act as car guards and collect tips from people. Due to the Covid-19 it became illegal for them to go out and earn an income leaving them hungry and shelter less.

South African government released over 500 000 food parcels in the time of the “pandemic” to assist the people in need, to date the parcels who did not got stolen by the people intrusted to hand it out and bandits who attack the vehicles that transport these parcels, only townships were helped (non-white settlements). Millions of Rands was also made available to assist families who lost their means of income this includes small business owners and once again only those who qualified got helped (you must fall in the BEE policy to qualify), again only helping the non-white people.

Volkswachtum took a message of hope, we will not reach out to the 100’s of organisations that currently are only reaching out to townships, but we will reach out to OUR OWN FOLK, those who truly needs it most.

We raise a Horn and Hail our Alsherjargothi and Asatru Folk Assembly who made this possible, we in South Africa appreciate the thoughts and endless support we have received from day one.
As Folkbuilder, I raise a Horn and Hail Nathan Small for his support and time he dedicates to our kindred, may the Gods bless you brother.

Christo Le Roux
Folkbuilder – South Africa

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