The Asatru Folk Assembly is a church, and as such, we provided the expected services to the members of our congregation. These services include worship, rites of passage, weddings, funerals, cemeteries, education, and social services.


The mission of Asatru’s clergy, called Goðar, is to rally the Men and Women of our Folk, the Sons and Daughters of Europe in Midgard, to come together for our common spirituality and purpose. We do so in a manner that is confident and noble.

Goðar of the Asatru Folk Assembly are the religious leaders of our Folk. The position of Gothi or Gythia is one of leadership and service to our church. They inherently bear many responsibilities, such as leading marriage ceremonies, funerary rites, naming ceremonies, land takings, coming of age rites, and other rituals for our community.  Goðar also organize Asatru Folk Assembly and community events, assist with the formation of new kindreds, provide counseling services, and educate those not familiar with our tradition. Goðar often engage in many other forms of public service that are generally expected of the Clergy in this day and age. This is not an easy responsibility, but it is an honorable path. As Ordained Clergy, all Asatru Folk Assembly Goðar carry weight in most states and regions, have legal rights, and legal recognition for ceremonies performed and services rendered to their community due to the direct support and association with the AFA, which is a religious, non-profit organization.

Each of our Goðar is contributing member of society and maintains a professional and well-composed demeanor at all times.


Hof is the Asatru term for a house of worship or a temple. Since the modern resurgence of Asatru in the 1960s, there has always been a dream to have a hof. Reading publications from those early times, all the way up through the 1990s and early 2000s, a hof was “right around the corner”. The Asatru Folk Assembly now has four Hofs, each dedicated to one of our Holy Gods. Establishing Hofs to our Holy Gods, the Aesir, is the greatest calling and also the greatest success of the Asatru Folk Assembly in the twenty-first century.

A Hof district is a geographical territory focused around a specific Hof. ​Within each district, we have Folkbuilders and Goðar. The Folkbuilders are the people you would reach out to for inquiries on what is going on within your district as well as inquiries about membership with the Asatru Folk Assembly. Goðar of the Asatru Folk Assembly the religious leaders of our Folk. The position of Gothi or Gythia is one of leadership and service to our church. They inherently bear many responsibilities, such as leading marriage ceremonies, funerary rites, naming ceremonies, land takings, coming of age rites, and other rituals for our community.


For years, many of our folk have watched as the public school system has continued to decline. Activist teachers, common core, CRT, and a myriad of other issues have driven the parents of our folk to look elsewhere to provide for the education of Aryan kids. But what were the options? An expensive private school, which is often Christian-based, or homeschool. Many parents have chosen the homeschool option, but are intimidated by the complex regulations, and the idea of teaching, with no idea where to start. The AFA recognized this vital need and created the AFA Ásatrú Academy.

The AFA Academy is a comprehensive homeschool program, grounded in our faith, and built on AFA culture and values. When you enroll your children in the AFA Academy, it’s so much more than just homeschooling! We will guide you through your state’s regulations and reporting requirements and assist you every step of the way. We will provide lessons, lesson plans, material, and assist with grading and teaching. While ultimately you, the parents, are responsible for presenting the material, every effort will be made to help you with this. The AFA Academy will provide transcripts, progress monitoring, live video sessions for lessons and storytimes for younger children, and eventually an official AFA Academy high school diploma.

Social Services

For some, it may be a natural disaster.  For others an unexpected change in health, and for some just an unforeseen chain of events.  Whatever the case may be sometimes we find ourselves in a sticky situation, and although we try and to work and do our best to pull ourselves out, sometimes we may need the help of our Folk community to give us a hand up…

That’s when our Folk Services Program comes in. We give one-time monetary grants to those members in need.  These folks are so grateful and we know that once they get back on track they will contribute to this fund.  For those that are able, we are in need of funds so we can be prepared for when these situations arise in our community.  If you’re able please place a donation today. Even a small donation adds up in the grand scheme of things and even $5 or $10 can help if enough people pitch in. If even a fraction of the folks who like the page did that each month, imagine the possibilities!

AFA Folk Services is intended to provide modest, one-time monetary grants to AFA members in dire need of basic services. It is also to be a source for referrals and information to help members get help beyond what the AFA can directly provide. 

Prison Ministry

“I know a fourth: if I should find myself
fettered hand and foot,
I shout the spell that sets me free,
bonds break from my feet,
nothing holds my hands.” – Havamal 148

It is our hope to help our Folk live noble lives and become the best they can be.  To that end, we would like to educate our incarcerated Folk on our faith and on how to live nobly.  This fund will contribute, among other things, to Asatru literature for chaplains to have in their libraries.  Through Asatru, we hope that we can build these men up to be their best selves if and when released and to break the cycle of recidivism. Thank you for your generosity.

For more information, check out our full page.

Victory Never Sleeps

Victory Never Sleeps, a weekly podcast, airing Wednesdays at 8pm Central, produced by the Asatru Folk Assembly, hosted by Alsherjargothi Matthew Flavel, and featuring weekly special guests speaking on spiritual topics pertaining to our Folk. The show doesn’t stop until the questions stop rolling in. Come listen and learn about a variety of topics and truths relevant to our modern Asatru Folk.

Aesir. Virtues. Heroes. Doctrine. Beliefs. Cosmology. Runes. Holidays. Literature. Lore.

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