On this second day of Yule, our minds turn to Justice. In this wolf age that surrounds us, the sickness of forced “equality” is used as a cudgel against accomplishment and beauty. In the AFA, we know that no one, and nothing, is equal. All are different, all are unique. Worth and accomplishment, or lack thereof, earn different rewards. The ability to become more than we are offers hope and incentivizes great deeds. Let us treat our fellows as men and not as numbers. Let us celebrate the hero and scorn the villain. In our own lives, and in our spheres, let us be Just and seek Justice in the world we are creating. As we celebrate, let us think with love and compassion on our brothers and sisters facing colossal injustice in South Africa because of our shared blood and ancestors. We see, we know, and we care.

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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