Out of the olden stories and histories comes a story of Sigrid Storrada, a daughter of a Swedish nobleman. Here is a tale of a strong woman dedicated to her ancestors and to the spirituality of her forebears. Early on she appears to us as the queen of king Eric the Victorious of Sweden, but all to soon he perished and she found herself a widow with many estates and riches, but no husband. Several suitors quickly approached Sigrid seeking her hand in marriage, but she rebuffed each one until, eventually, Olaf Tryggvasson was able to get her to agree to marriage. They met before their planned nuptials to discuss the wedding ceremony, their expectations, etc. At this meeting Olaf told Sigrid she would have to convert to his religion, christianity, if they were to be married. To this she immediately replied, “I will not part from the faith which my forefathers have kept before me.”
Olaf, great beacon of his faith that he was, flew into a rage, slapped her and incurred her wrath. Sigrid, as calmly as possible replied to Olaf, “This may someday be thy death.” And as quickly as it had happened, the wedding ceremony was off, and the two became the bitterest of enemies.
Time went by and Sigrid was wed to Sweyn Forkbeard, king of Denmark and sworn enemy of king Olaf. Eventually differences turned into a full out war and Olaf met Sweyn in combat at the Battle of Swold where Olaf was killed, making Sigrid’s word’s very prophetic indeed.
Today we also find ourselves having to decide whether we will embrace the faith of our ancient forefathers or allow ourselves to become spiritless shells of humanity with nothing more to believe in than rampant consumerism and the false dogma of equality of the masses. When we take a stand and embrace those cultural values, beliefs, and ancestral ways, we take a stand for our ancestors, our holy Gods, and our noble folk. We take a stand just as Sigrid did that fateful day against Olaf the tyrant. Let us remember her bravery and allow it to guide us today. Hail Sigrid!!!

Submitted by Blaine Qualls
Gothar Coordinator

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