“The third among the Æsir is he that is called Njördr: he dwells in heaven, in the abode called Nóatún. He rules the course of the wind, and stills sea and fire; on him shall men call for voyages and for hunting. He is so prosperous and abounding in wealth, that he may give them great plenty of lands or of gear; and him shall men invoke for such things. Njördr is not of the race of the Æsir: he was reared in the land of the Vanir, but the Vanir delivered him as hostage to the gods, and took for hostage in exchange him that men call Hœnir; he became an atonement between the gods and the Vanir.”
– Gylfagining

Njörðr is the lord of the sea.  We look to Njörðr for wisdom and for prosperity in our dealings.  Njörðr is a beacon of success and of journeying in order to gain that success.  We are inspired by Njörðr to endeavor greatly and to take pride in our accomplishments.

May we never fear to embark on great journeys or undertake great endeavors.  May we honor Njörðr by our success and prosperity.

Hail Njörðr!