In the year 9, warriors from 5 German tribes came together as one Folk and defeated the most powerful army the world had ever known. As small tribes scattered across northern Europe, the Germans fought amongst themselves and were easy prey for those around them to exploit and subjugate. For one brief moment, Herman and those who followed him showed us what could be if only we stood together united. The hero that united the tribes and won victory for all of Germania was killed by fellow German nobles who were jealous of his fame and authority.

When our people stand together united under one banner and purpose, we are unstoppable. When jealousy and petty clannishness take hold we are weak and we squander our potential.

Let us all stand together under the Trihorns! Let us stand united by loyalty and love, United by faith in our Gods and devotion to our Folk. Together we are shaping our world and forging a Golden Age for our AFA family.

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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