I. Honor the Aesir, the Vanir, the Wights, and the Ancestors

Honor the Aesir, the Vanir, the Wights, and the Ancestors by blot and by deed. Grow in the lore and strengthen the Mighty Ones with ritual; observe the holy days of Asatru.

II. Abide no strife

Abide no strife in the hall or between kin. One must be able to speak one’s mind candidly, but disagreements must never exceed the bounds of respect or courtesy. All within the hall are brothers and sisters and are to be treated appropriately.

III. Build bright fame

Build bright fame, not dark disdain, for those who dwell in the hall. Our deeds and words must be such that the reputation of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and of Asatru as a whole, grows more glorious because of our presence. Do good to your kin, grow in your might and main…and when we disagree among ourselves, let it be done out of the sight of others.

IV. Give first love to family and Folk

Give first love to family and Folk. Your primary duty is to those closest to you by blood and troth. Love your own. Give good for good from all who give it. Deal honorably with all whose hands are open and whose hearts are true.

V. Strive that our Folk shall live forever

Strive that our Folk shall live forever, though all the forces of Muspel march against us. Work for the good of the Folk Within -Asatruar- and the Folk Without -Whites who are not yet true to the Gods- in all ways that are honorable and noble.

VI. Speak honestly and openly

Speak honestly and openly. Deal with candor and forthrightness with all in the hall, scorn the poison of gossip and intrigue, and do not talk behind the backs of others.

VII. Envy not

Envy not those who earn gifts, fame, and favor within the hall. Seek instead your own fame by might and main. The glory given your brother or sister shines on you, as well; Let gold and bright fame not stir enmity among kin.

VIII. Be open-handed and open-hearted

Be open-handed and open-hearted, generous to aid kin and forward the folk. Give gladly of time and effort, helping those in the hall and advancing our enterprise.

IX. Honor your Oaths

Honor your oaths to kin and to Gods, though your life be the price. Hand on ring or steel, hand given in good trust to another – these are sacred and on them lives the might of those in the hall.