From The Runestone Winter 1980


We Northern Europeans are a practical bunch. We can handle abstractions with ease, but we are most at home in the material world, the world of doing

as well as of thinking–hence our strong sense of history, which deals in things and places as well as in ideas.

Asatru, in this country as elsewhere, has ideas. We have people who accept those ideas. But now we need a place–the boden to match our blut, so to speak. In a broader sense we have our local regions and our European homelands, but we need something more specific, something more identifiable–a concrete locus in space-time.

We need a modern-day equivalent to the ancient holy site of Uppsala. Not a carefully preserved monument, rifled by archaeologists and powdered with the dust from the tourists’ clumsy feet, but rather a living, vital religious center –Uppsala as it was a thousand years ago, not as it is today.

We can have it, with your help.

A proper parcel of land could serve all of us as a special center for Asatru. On it we could hold all our future Althings, as well as lesser seminars and meetings. We can teach our children there, in summer camps where they can escape the physical. and spiritual poison of the city. Both the Varangian Guard and People of the Lord and Lady would have the special places they need for their members. The uses of this land could be manifold, extending our capabilities, broadening our horizons, and enriching our faith.

With .each and every issue we have shown that we mean business. The Runestone grows longer and more professional in appearance. Subscriptions continue to climb. People from. all around the-country write us, wanting to form kindreds of the AFA. Make no mistake, we are here to stay! Your trust placed in us will not be disappointed. This is an important project–for you, for Asatru. Let’s all pull together to make it work.

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