Though Freyfaxi is, in name, a modern holiday the celebration around which it is centered is
much older. Dedicated to Freyr, our ancestors celebrated the first harvest of the season. The most common offerings during freyfaxi included the sheaves of wheat, or other grains, and freshly baked loaves of bread. Less common was the sacrifice of a horse in honor of Freyr.

The beginning of the harvest season marked the beginning of hard work and dedication. Every
harvest of the season was necessary to the survival of each family, of the community. This hard work ensured that there would be food to see them through the long winter months.

Those seeds that we planted after Mayday and tended so carefully for the last few months have grown and some of them should be bearing the fruit of all of that labor. Take some time in the garden, as you pick the first offerings of your plants, to thank Freyr. Share with him some of that first harvest, along with bread and ale. Celebrate the God of Vitality and abundance with your family and folk.