I would challenge all of us to consider our focus. As Asatruar, we have done a great job of building our communities. I think we have done a great job of focusing on the good of our folk and our close group of friends. What I think is focused on too seldom is a focus on the Divine. We think very often of what makes sense for our practicality. We do well to think of what is best for our family and for our Kindreds. How often do we focus on what would be pleasing to our Gods? I know as a Gothi, I have spent a lot of focus and energy wondering about the effects a ritual I preform has on those in the circle. How does the first-timer feel after a Blot I lead? Did folks like it? Did I mess up a few words and look silly? All this is very important, but what is MOST important, is how the God or Gods received the ritual. Was Odin pleased with the Odin Blot? Did we effectively build our relationship with Thor? Did we secure the blessings of our Gods, and honor them? This is true in all our decisions, would the Gods and Ancestors be proud of us? What would best honor our Gods? I have found, in my own rituals and practices as a Gothi, as well as my life as a man, the more I focus on the opinion of and my standing before the divine, the better EVERYTHING works out. By focusing on the above, we ascend as individuals. By our AFA family all focusing on the above, we ascend as a church. In all we do, let us focus on making our Gods and our Ancestors proud.

Hail the Ancestors!
Hail the Gods!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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