Many know the tale of Herman, or Arminius if you prefer, and how he defeated 3 legions of the Roman army in the Teutoberg forest in 9 AD. I mean it is recounted and talked about around fires from here to Asgard. The story of how the Germans came together as one and pushed back against the invading Roman soldiers.

There is a lot more to the story than just a battle in the woods though. Herman, son of the chieftain of the Cherusci, was, in his youth, a captive of the Romans. He started his military career proper as part of the Roman army and by 4 AD was in charge of his own detachment of Cheruscan auxiliaries. After helping put down a revolt in the Balkans he returned back to his homeland to aid the Roman governor Varus. For Herman revolt was on his mind and he quickly began working in secret to build a confederation of German tribesmen strong enough to beat the Romans. Once all of his preparations were in order he went to Varus and gave him false information that sent 3 Roman legions to their doom.

Historians have called the Battle of Teutoberg one of Rome’s worst defeats……for German tribes it was more than just a military victory. After 9 AD Rome suspended all plans of conquest for the German heartland. The German peoples were able to continue living after the fashion of their ancestors, able to keep living their own culture, believing in their own Gods, and developing in their own way for several more generations.

Herman united his people, gave them the gift of freedom for a few more generations, and became a legend still praised to this day. You may not emulate all he did, but you to can make a difference. You to can help your Folk grow, help the next generations to know their Ancestral Gods. How? Volunteer to lead a study group, write a kids book on Asatru, organize meet and greets to introduce new people to Asatru. Become a folkbuilder if there isn’t one in your area, pick up a book and begin learning more of your religion. Start a kindred, become an ordained Gothi, donate your time and your money to build our church. All of that and more are things you can do to push back the things threatening our ways today. Look to Herman as an example of what just one person can cause to happen if they persevere.

Hail Herman!!!

Blaine Qualls
Gothar Coordinator
Asatru Folk Assembly

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