I would like you to begin posting each month about the upcoming Day of Remembrance for that month in it’s own section.

On March the 9th, the Asatru Folk Assembly celebrates a Day of Remembrance for Olvir of Egg. During Olaf the Saint’s reign of terror, local Asatruar had to hold blot and sumble to our Gods in secret and at the risk of their very lives. Olvir was a leader of his community and organized local celebrations and worship of our Gods, not just for himself and his family, but that all loyal Asatruar in his region could carry on their sacred rites and traditions. For this steadfast loyalty and commitment to the Aesir, Olvir and many with him were murdered by Olaf and the followers of the White Christ. Raise a horn in his name, remember his deeds, join your brothers and sisters in doing so as a family.
Hail Olvir!

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