It is on this day, March 9th, that we hold vigil in honor of the noble life of Oliver, his fellow Gothar, and congregants, whose lives were taken through cowardly treachery simply for wanting to hold strong to the faith of their forefathers, and rejecting the faith of Christianity that was spreading like a plague through all of Northern Europe.

In the year 1021, in the waxing tide of the coming Ostara celebrations; Oliver and eleven other Gothar, who had been organizing traditional feasts despite the decrees of its criminality, by the self-proclaimed King Olaf II, were beginning to make preparations for the Spring time sacrifices. The Folk of the interior of Trondheim region were to gather in the great hall at the village of Maerin.

Oliver was a bountiful farmer and the trusted head of a great family in the region. He had already managed, with sway and clever countenance, to diffuse two different court inquiries by “King” Olaf the Fat, who was bound and determined to wreak havoc on all his fellow countrymen that held troth to the Elder Gods.

Olaf the Fat’s appointed bailiff of the region, a man named Thoralde was summoned and with promise that his life and his family spared he revealed to Olaf the happenings within Trondheim and to coming celebrations that were soon to be held.

With that wretches confession, Olaf the Fat gathered a dastardly force of 300 men to descend upon the small village of Maerin’s great hall under the cover of darkness. Oliver of Eggja farm was captured there and ordered to be executed on sight. Many fought, or fled, and many were slain. Olaf the Fat stole all the provisions that were gathered for the feasts and pilfered all the Folk’s clothing, furniture, valuables and divided among his craven throng of followers.

It takes Folk of great devotion to the love and troth of the Gods of our people, like Oliver and his fellow congregants, to gather in tradition just as their forefathers. Even under the ever growing shadow of the perfidious King OLaf II.

We stand to take deep council in your tale Oliver the true martyr of Maerin. For your duty and devotion to tradition and piety and troth to the holiest Gods and Goddesses of our Folk! May your name forever be spoken with might and reverence.

Hail the Gods and Goddesses!
Hail the Ancestors!
Hail Oliver of Eggja!
Hail the Folk!
Hail the AFA!

Submitted by Gothar Program student Svan Herul

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