This month we celebrate glorious King Radbod of Frisia. King of Frisia from about 680 CE onwards he was responsible for keeping his lands free of Frankish domination and is often described as Frisia’s last independent ruler. Radbod spent the bulk of his reign battling against the neighboring Franks, first fighting against Pippin II until he died in 714 and then against Pippin’s son, Charles Martel. Radbod also did all he could to push Christianity out of his lands, in it he saw an extension of Frankish influence and control……he saw it as a destroyer of his own native Frisian culture. The battles between Radbod and the Franks went back and forth until finally in 714, with the death of Pippin, Radbod was able to send all the priests and monks out of his lands and pushed the Frankish armies completely out as well until his death in 719.

Radbod is perhaps best known to us for his refusal to be baptized in the Christian faith. Radbod was on the verge of being baptized when he turned to the priest and asked something about if he would see his ancestors in heaven. The priest, being honest, said no, anyone not of the Christian faith was sent to suffer in their horrid fiery realm of punishment which they called Hell. Radbod replied, ” Then I would rather be suffering there with them than go to heaven with a pack of beggars.” He then promptly pushed the priests out of his country and remained tru to his ancestral ways until his death.

Radbod has much to teach us today. We aren’t forced at sword point to accept alien religions, but we do find ourselves in a similar position. For many today the forward march of political correctness has led to our very doorsteps. We become pariahs in the eyes of society if we refuse to accept its decadent ways and yet here we are. Here we are remaining steadfast in our loyalty and devotion to our Gods. We have shunned the foreign influences of our age and sent them scurrying from our homes. Rather than slide into the negative mindset of a beaten opponent we hold our heads high and boldly build positivity in ourselves, in our families, and in all those we can around us. We are assured of the rightness of our deeds by the echoes from the past of men like Radbod.

Hail noble King Radbod of Frisia!

Blaine Qualls,
Gothar Coordinator
Asatru Folk Assembly

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