On April 9th we honour Haakon Sigurdarson, popularly known as Jarl Haakon. Haakon became the ruler of Norway in 975 and held rulership there until about 995. He was always a friend to the Gods and a staunch defender of the Ancestral traditions. In 975 he was forcefully converted to christianity by Harold Bluetooth in 
“repayment” for his loyalty and help in fighting Emperor Otto of the holy roman empire. Haakon did not take this treatment very well and when the time came to leave Denmark with the priests Bluetooth had forced on him, Haakon sailed out away from the shore and promptly ordered every priest overboard. He bade them swim or drown as they saw fit while he sailed on to his homeland of Norway. This rebuttal of the new faith made an enemy of Bluetooth, but allowed Norway to remain free of foreign taint and devoted to the elder ways for a number of years to come.
Haakon’s actions led to his people remaining true to their own Gods for a number of years….. often times we are faced with impossible decisions ourselves. Decisions that will definitely change the course of our future for the foreseeable future. In those times we would do well to remember Haakon and his actions and then weigh our own choices against what is ultimately good for the Folk and the future of the Folk. Each of us can greatly affect the future of Asatru with our choices….. Each of us can build Asatru with our choices. Let us always strive for the decision that will gain the most advantage for ourselves and our Folk. Let us always have the courage to make those hard choices, let us always have the courage of Jarl Haakon.

Hail Jarl Haakon!!!

Blaine Qualls
Gothar Coordinator

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