It is with great pride that I announce the AFA’s first annual Day of Remembrance for Alexander Rud Mills. Rud Mills lived from 1885-1964 and was the guiding light for the foundations of Asatru in Australia. In 1933 Rud Mills began writing books about our faith and in 1936 he founded the Anglecyn Church of Odin. Quickly he gathered the folk and a community of Asatruar was born. During the turbulent times of the Second World war, Rud Mills was bitterly persecuted by his government and the community that he built suppressed. All was not lost however. The writings and the vision of Rud Mills inspired others to take up the banner of our ancestral faith, perhaps most notably Else Christensen. Ripples from that first effort, that spark of what could be, have shaped and inspired the thriving faith we have today. It is high time we showed this Asatru visionary his due! Hail Alexander Rud Mills!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly
[email protected]

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