July 9th marks our remembrance day for Alexander Rud Mills. 

Born in July of 1885, Mills trained as a lawyer in Australia.  In the 1920s, he travelled the continent of Europe, exploring the lands of our ancestors.  He began writing about the ancient folkways and began to publish his work.  When he returned to Australia in 1934, Mills founded the Anglecyn Church of Odin.  This organization encouraged those of European descent to explore their pre-Christian faith, and remain loyal to their own interests as a people.  During World War Two, the Australian government imprisoned Mills for 9 months, and attempted to quiet those who agreed with his ideas.  He was later cleared by a judicial panel of any wrongdoing.  Mills died in 1964.

Despite the attempted suppression of his works, the ideas present by Mills sowed the seeds in the minds of many, including Else Christensen.  As these ideas were built upon, Asatru as we know it was shaped, laying the groundwork for so many Europeans to return to their spiritual home.

Hail Alexander Rud Mills!

Submitted by Gythia Student Anna Funk

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