Adam Wayne Hart, was born on April 12, 1991, he left Midgard on November 29, 2020. Adam has traveled to the afterlife to join the ancestors. Remembering and honoring him will be our honor. It will be our honor to preserve your memories Adam Hart. The memories will live on with all of us, that he left behind.

Adam was a great father that was striving to be the best dad and man he could be to his 9yr old son Gunner. He was enjoying teaching him to be a man and riding his dirt bike, although Gunner was scarred of it, he was just starting to enjoy a simple trip to the park and riding in circles, and that small accomplishment was a start, and Adam was so proud of that.

Adam was a spiritual warrior, in the truest sense and took it very seriously with high importance. His knowledge of the different European Gods and ancient architecture was very impressive. He had a deep interest in esoteric beliefs. He was very intrigued with the Parthenon, he just recently got it tattooed on his forearm. A book he suggested that was a good read “Fingerprints of the Gods” written by Graham Hancock.

Adam was a Union pipe fitter with a great job he loved. He was very happy and only had two more years of school. This was a huge accomplishment for him.

Adams hobbies included body building, motorcycles, music, and nature.

“I will miss you little brother! Keep a seat warm for me in the great halls. We’ve lost a great warrior!” – Marc

“We will be there soon with you. I will miss asking the question of what you have been up to if you have been being good with a stink eye, because your nice smile and blushing cheeks always made me smile.” – Deedy

“More than anyone you were an open ear, with a different concept on life. Adam was the true meaning of perspective, was a guide through the rough because he knew at the end, it would be even better.” – Vincint

“From the day I met you I could tell you marched to a different beat than most. It was a true honor to have you be part of my family.” Chris

Adam was the most loving, kind, considerate, honest, handsome man I’ve ever had the honor of loving.” – Milena Lee

“The ever-questioning spiritual warrior, always marching forward despite all diversity. Like the wanderer, sacrificing himself to himself for greater knowledge. Until we cross paths again brother!” – Carl

“Adam loved life, working out and his motorcycle. He was faithful to his Gods and friends. He was going after the best life he could.” Jason-Stretch

Man is but a handful of dust and life is a violent storm.
As in life, so in death A man is no better and no worse
for where he is, but for what he is.
May this departed spirit continue its journey
Knowing that he will be greatly missed here in Midgard.
The Gods and Goddesses willing, may our spirits meet again
In the great halls. Hear us now our departed friend,
As the chapter closes on your life, in your honor,
Sending you our most heartfelt blessings.
May the longships guide your soul to Valhalla.

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