By Stephen A. McNallen
from The Runestone: Winter 1982 #42

One of the most important accomplishments of the Althing Three was the selection of the Raido rune, as the official symbol of the Asatru Free Assembly. When used by us in this role, it will be portrayed as a blood-red rune on a black background.

After Althing Two, a committee had been set up to select such a logo for the A.F.A. Many designs were submitted – a wide array spanning sunwheels, swastikas, runes, Thor’s Hammers, and many others. All were considered carefully, but the final choice was between the Raido and another design (ah excellent glyph which henceforth will be used to represent I.R.S.A., the Institute of Runic Studies, Asatru). The ultimate design was made by a vote of those attending Althing Three.

Raido is a rune of weighty significance. In ancient times, it stood for the religion of Asatru itself. Today, it is, as Edred puts it, “a symbol of the way back to right, through the conscious efforts of asatruar to recover the essence of the primal order.” A better description of the role of the A.F.A. would be hard to find.

This rune possesses a great Idea of what David James terms “density” – that is, a great many other runes are contained within its form. One of the obvious ones is Wunjo , a wunjo, which carries meanings of fellowship, binding, the clan or tribe, and the relation­ships of beings descended from a common source. Another is Ansuz , ansuz. Associated with this rune is the idea of the receiver – container/transformer – expression of spiritual power and knowledge. It also is the magical ancestral might handed down genetically from one generation to the next. Finally, it is the rune of the god Odin himself.

If we superimpose Wunjo and Ansuz, laying them neatly one over the other, we get Raido with all its intense meaning. While there are other runes contained in Raido, this fact alone would weigh heavily in its favor as a choice for our symbol.

Still another way of looking at it is to consider that if Wunjo is the idea of the clan and togetherness – a rune representing -our Folk or people – then Raido is a “walking” or dynamic form of that rune. In other words, the Folk is on the march!

A raido banner was made and Formally presented at the Althing. Others are being presented to all kindreds of the A.F.A., and we will be making this logo available in various forms to our members and supporters. 

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